I graduated from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry in 1990, and from the orthodontic program in 1993, under the direction of Dr. Donald Woodside. Since then I have been engaged in the private practice of orthodontics in the Toronto area. I am a member of various professional and educational organizations including the Ontario Dental Association, the Canadian and American Associations of Orthodontics, the Toronto Orthodontic Club, and the University of Toronto’s Orthodontic Alumni Association.

Although I was interested in many areas of dentistry, I found orthodontics to be particularly fascinating and rewarding. The idea that we could actually cause the teeth to move through the bone, giving our patients better dental health, improved aesthetics, and in many cases increased self-confidence and self-esteem was what attracted me to the specialty, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since!

Our practice welcomes children, adolescents, and adults. In fact, adults comprise roughly one third of all orthodontic patients in many offices.

I am very fortunate to have staff who are highly trained and motivated, to provide you or your child with the best experience as you progress through your orthodontic treatment. All staff members have their areas of expertise, and genuinely care about our patients. We are committed to lifelong learning — we select high-quality continuing education activities in order to assess and apply the most recent clinical advances into our practice.

It is my philosophy that our primary obligation is to understand your needs, and to then educate you about your various options, so that you can make an informed choice about your treatment. The benefits (and risks) of orthodontic treatment will be explained to you. If I feel that you would be better off with cosmetic dentistry alone, or that you simply will not benefit from orthodontic treatment, then I’ll tell you that too — really!

We use state-of-the art digital X-ray equipment to minimize your exposure to radiation, and our patient files and photographs are electronic, making communication with other professionals — your dentist or an oral surgeon, for example — fast and efficient, thus improving the care that you will receive in our office.

I strongly believe that an investment in good oral health is a wise one, and that a properly functioning bite and attractive smile will serve you well for the rest of your life.

— Lennard Weiss, D.D.S., Dip. Ortho.

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